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About us

An oasis of tranquility, 20 minutes from Montréal

Located in the Heart of Montérégie and on the banks of the Richelieu River, at the exit of major highways and 20 minutes from Montreal, Hôtel Relais Gouverneur Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu offers 113 rooms, four suites, 11 meeting rooms with a combined capacity of up to 500 people, and a 120-seat restaurant.

For your corporate events

Whether it’s for a business meeting, convention, dinner conference, reception or any other event, our team of professionals put their top-quality expertise to work to make your event a success.

Experience our newly renovated Le Félix-Gabriel Restaurant, offering delicious gourmet cuisine, and our Sunday brunch, which has become a huge hit with discerning locals.

In the heart of a vibrant region

For cyclists: Fort Lennox by bike, vineyards by bike, long-distance touring with luggage.

For groups: Agrotourism packages, golf, theatre, cruises and religious tours.

For the family: Parc-Safari, Arbraska, cultural and international visits, hot-air balloons

A host of adventures await!

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